Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Thomas Jack's Tropical House Series Reaches Volume 7

The sheer fact that Thomas Jack has reached Volume 7 on his Tropical House series is an indication of the Trop House explosion within pop music in the past year. Having witnessed the craziness of Thomas playing on a side stage at Snow Globe, I can say with absolute conviction that Trop House deserves to be on main stage with the big boys. I'll put it in plain terms, I had much more personal space to myself watching Skrillex on the main stage than I did watching Thomas Jack on a side stage.

Rhetoric aside, consider Volume 7 as a proper introduction to Robin Schulz. He's an up and coming German producer who took the reins and ran with it on the hour long mix below. It will be really hard to top Kygo's Volume 6, but I guarantee you, if you were to play this front to back, you wouldn't have an urge to switch mixes. Maybe it's because the DJs are consistently top notch, but when Thomas Jack releases a new mix, I get little kid on Christmas excited...#TropHouse

Thomas Jack Presents: Robin Schulz Tropical House Vol. 7


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