Monday, April 26, 2010

B.O.B. feat T.I. - Not Lost (prod by JR Rotem)

On the eve before his debut album release, I've decided that the amount of quality tracks B.O.B. has released lately has become a re-cotdamn-diculous. I've taken a lap around Bobby Ray's new album The Adventures of Bobby Ray only to find maybe 1-2 tracks that I didn't want to put on repeat out of 12 (full album review will come in the next week or so). That's insane, I don't care who it is, it could be your favorite artist regardless of genre and you'll still find your way skipping a few tracks on the album, but 1-2?? That's it?? Even better, this track he did with T.I. isn't even going to make the final cut of his album because Coldplay wouldn't clear the sample.

While there hasn't been a statement made officially declaring that Coldplay put the brakes on releasing this track, you would have to be retarded to think this wouldn't have been a huge single and big addition to his new album. Of course, who better to create the sample than the sample master J J J JR Rotem. Pretty cool that he had a minute to contribute to the album for a hot sec in between launching Jason Derulo's career to instant stardom. Tip of the cap (as usual) on the Coldplay sample, absolutely nailing to vibe of the original track with a twist of Hip Hop. Really cool how the piano intro leads into the J J J JR, giving way to an addictingly upbeat canvas for B.O.B. and T.I. to shine on.

The truly inspirational verse from T.I. is what serves as the proverbial icing on the cake for an already great track. Check the lyrics:
T.I. Verse

All I know is keep going, sh-t don’t stop
until the hustle double up and put the click on top
used to wanna have the bricks on lock
til we went to prison saw we couldn’t pick them locks
easy decision, now a n-gga think I lost my touch
listen if I aint the realest ever done it, I aint off by much
so please don’t wake me up if I’m dreaming in the fast lane speedin’ no safety belt
and it’s a marathon pace yourself
in this race for wealth, talkin’ sh-t just a waste of breath
chasing me like chasing your tail, your never gon catch it
respect is something you never get if you never had it
I’m looking back and laughing, this life of mine
brought me all the way here from my life of crime
just a constant reminder that the end I’ll be always the one who knows all see’s all
[via killerhiphop]
Pretty rare to get such a personal, down to earth verse from T.I. like that, so take it for what its worth...(quite a bit). Also really liked how Bobby Ray went off the beaten path on his last verse with an off the brain, simple rhyme laden, storytelling-style prediction freestyle of sorts to finish the track. All I have to say is what are you thinking Coldplay??? Are you honestly scared they were gonna top you on your own track? All joking aside that may have actually happened considering T.I. always gets mainstream credibility, JR Rotem has been responsible for numerous #1 singles and on top of the B.O.B. currently has the #1 single on Billboard right now.

Give it a listen...

B.O.B. feat T.I. - Not Lost (prod by JR Rotem) Great Sample!!!

In case you're not as excited as me for his album (100% chance), check out these four short professional videos of some of his backstage and concert footage. The fourth episode was just released hours ago. I would pay a lot of money to see him in concert right now and know for a fact it would be more entertaining than Drake...(sorry homie, dude rocks the guitar and sings too)...these will probably make you go look up his tour schedule...#justsayin

The Adventures of Bobby Ray Episode 1

The Adventures of Bobby Ray Episode 2

The Adventures of Bobby Ray Episode 3

The Adventures of Bobby Ray Episode 4

Man I wish I had cool tour videos that were edited with my music in the background makin' me look waaay cooler than I really am. Seriously though, go out and cop his album, dude has given us 6 free ones, show some love.


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