Saturday, September 17, 2011

Who Rocked it Better? Lil Eddie vs JoJo

Complete toss up between one of my favorite demo singers/songwriters Lil Eddie and @JoJoistheway, who I've always been a big fan of on the low. I say on the low because when she was 16 she released High Road, which was a great album front to back, but I got some strange looks from the fellas when I spoke highly of it. To each their own man, I'ma live my life, she's got a great voice and is a talented vocalist!

Both are great, under appreciated vocalists, so picking a favorite version isn't something I'd feel comfortable doing because (for once) I don't want to influence your opinion either way. Like me, you should add both to your newest playlist and hopefully gain a respect for both because both versions are great in their own way. Heads up for that new JoJo album Jumping Trains out early 2012. It'll be her first album in six years and you can cop her new single Disaster on iTunes.

Lil Eddie feat Ameriie - Guardian Angel

JoJo - Guardian Angel


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