Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Kem is Grown and Sexy

Man it's been a while since I heard @kem_intimacy's grown and sexy ballad Share My Life. The track and Kem's Intimacy album has been out about a year now, but when I woke up to the track below as my radio alarm on Sunday, it was such a calm, peaceful way to start the day that I couldn't help but have a good day. Straight up, dude is the modern day Teddy Pendergrass and epitomizes what my twenty-something generation refers to as grown and sexy music.

"Older, mature yet hip; something that is for a more mature group of people"

Somethin' like Earth, Wind and Fire or Isley Brothers...anything that a girl in their 20s wouldn't look at you like "No way you're puttin' that on and gettin' in these jeans" (#ginuwineVoice). In other words, somethin' so classic that it plays even with the younger ladies. In short, G&S music walks a tenuous line with young women and is usually a tool only used by the confident, audacious male types, but to be fair, in the end your chances are probably more contingent on your level of game.

I digress, but real talk, if you don't have game and you're still tryin' to impress a girl, learn the lyrics to this track for the pillowtalk move, slow dance style. Lord knows this has been on my BMM playlist for quite a while, but hearing it when I woke up this weekend reminded me just how much I loved this track. I'm givin' it the classic stamp, it's reached that level of legitimacy...which rhymes with Intimacy...cop that!

Kem - Share My Life


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