Sunday, September 11, 2011

"Tat My Name on You Girl so I Know It's Real"

Presumably upping the stakes in an attempt to weed out the groupies, @drakkardnoir and @rickyrozay are setting the bar higher if you want to really get with them. Spotted over at OVO, the picture above is evidently how you know it's real. I get it, it's like physical collateral because if the girl turns out to be fake, she'll forever have a reminder of it with your name tatted on her. Interesting concept, sorta forward thinking in nature and a potential asset for a lot of high profile celebrities to add to their arsenal. Still, I know a lot of fake girl that get a tat just to get with a celebrity. If it were up to me, I'd make it "tat my name where I can see it, so you know it's real", so that all the undercover one can't fake the funk.

As far as the execution and sound of the track, @ovo40 gets the production credit for providing the mellow template. Call it a street cred track with a touch of harmony for Drizzy Drake, displaying lyrics that get in it where they fit in with the Rozay influence. Not my cup of tea in the grand scheme of Drake tracks, but I can see why he went the direction he did with the track in collaborating with the industry's hottest rapper out now. Should further his clout/Hip Hop influence and provide a firmness to Take Care that all the trappers and gangstas were missing on Thank Me Later...#Oct24th

Drake feat Rick Ross - Free Spirit (prod by 40)


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