Monday, September 26, 2011

"It’s Always Darkest Before the Dawn"

Yes, I agree, I should probably not market my blog as a Hip Hop blog with all of the non-Hip Hop I've been posting lately. Truth be told, Hip Hop music is the basis of my passion for music and sharing what I like through daily words. But it's not even close to the whole story because there are a lot of other great artists that don't fall into Hip Hop that I really enjoy. I always talk about my love for deep, powerful, emotional music and I can't think of anyone (other than maybe @coldplay) that makes as powerful of music as @flo_tweet.

For a lot of us who had no idea who she was, the VMAs is where she first backhanded us and demanded attention with her high octane vocals on Dog Days are Over. I remember thinking to myself who is this chick and why is she performing on VMAs when nobody had heard of her? Man was that short sighted in hindsight, but I can say that now that I've taken a liking to her newest single Shake it Out off her upcoming album Ceremonials, due out October 28th.

There are so many ways you can go with the track below, but no matter what direction it takes you, it leaves you with an uplifting feeling. Florence's dominant vocals are somehow matched with the intensity of the choir behind her as she implores the listener to "shake it off, shake it off (the devil that's on your back)." This past week I've started out every single workout with this song because it will absolutely empower you to move your body and drive your mind toward positivity. Apologies for stream only below because let's be honest, the track is not Hip Hop and as a result, abides by a different set of rules...#UnwrittenBloggingRules + #GoAndCopIt

Florence and the Machine - Shake it Out


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