Sunday, September 25, 2011

"Cole World Comin', Call Back Up Assistance"

"Worldwide stunna, oh man, I'mma
Reign on the game, make it storm and thunder"
The song below would make my top 10 songs of 2011 if you asked me for a list today. A couple Friday's ago, I posted @JColeNC's performance of God's Gift in Toronto and made a mental note to earmark the track when I got a full listen of Cole World: The Sideline Story. Check the video below if you missed it..
The track managed to sound elite, even on a low quality video, which is tough. Bonus points are in order for Cole not only rapping, but also producing such a bangin' beat. It goes hard, but in a way that allows Cole to story tell and maintain a smile as he tells his "I made it" story. We'd all like to get to a point in our lives where we can go back to all the girls who were too good for us back in the day and take batting practice. Right? Well...some people dream, but Cole World makes it happen. (Hey it ain't  trickin' if you really got it, right?) As an aside, hopefully ya'll caught that Bone Thugs First of tha Month sample on the hook too.

I haven't made a full judgment on how much I like J Cole's debut release, but it's tracks like this that will have people pointing back and saying, "Man he really was great from the start." No word on a third single from his debut album, but it'd be hard not to nominate this one for discussion. Cole World: The Sideline Story hit's iTunes and shelves near you this Tues, Sept 27th. If you're lookin' for a diamond in the rough, cop this individual track below and thank me later because it'll end up being the best track on his album when the dust settles.

J Cole - God's Gift (prod by J Cole)


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