Tuesday, September 13, 2011

"Tell Me, Who Did I Leave Behind?"

Put it this way, I'd rather visit Club Paradise any day of the week rather than call myself a Free Spirit. That's wasn't meant as an obvious T&A shot either, instead it was more for those who have been paying attention and know my thoughts on Drizzy's new track with Raaawwwwss! In the grand scheme of things, Club Paradise would have fit in nicely on So Far Gone because he goes back into storytelling mode, as if to give us listeners another chapters into his life while he gives us an update on what the effect success is having on his life. From the old friends at home who claim he's sold out that he rhetorically asks "Tell me, who did I leave behind?", to the entourage he brings with him on the road that he can count on being real since they have known him since day one...it's another wide open door to the psyche of a real dude trying his best to stay real through it all.

Lord knows I'll never have the notoriety @drakkardnoir does, but if I did, I'd imagine I'd be fighting the same internal thoughts and dealing with the same dilemmas he faces as his fame and fortune increases. Yea I know it's fun to pretend, but find me another rapper or artist for that matter, who speaks so openly about their life that you feel like you know them. It's a unique quality that he's always possessed and I don't care what the haters who claim he's too emotional or vulnerable with his lyrics...dude had the balls to tell millions of people some of his innermost, honest thoughts. I'd like to see you try that in front of a room full of people, much less put it on wax for everyone to dissect again and again.

Conflicting reports on whether this will surface on Take Care, but I'm cool with it being a diamond in the rough or deluxe bonus track if that's the case. All I know is that it's far from a filler track and not single material, which would make it a great choice for the album. Shouts out to @OVO40 on the instrumental.


Drake - Club Paradise (prod by 40)


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