Monday, September 19, 2011

High5Collective + Frank Ocean

Seems like there's a new go-to production crew Hip Hop has fallen in with recently. If you haven't heard of High 5 Collective, you probably failed to notice that they did the video for Kanye and Jigga's newest single, No Church in the Wild. Seeing that @frank_ocean collaborated with Ye and Hov on the track, it's no surprise he enlisted @H5C who specialize in "Visual art, fuckery and getbuckery."

The common denominator between the two videos seems to be an Indian/Pioneers sort of settlers theme. Sure, if you expected to see the artists, you'll probably be a little disappointed because the visuals are more of an artistic representation of what's being said than a typical cars and women style video. Check it below...
Video aside, I really like D'Angelo style sound Frank gives off with the high pitched falsetto. The calmness of the verses mixes well with the simple beat and makes it seem like the hook is sung by somebody completely different. I'm betting this will make it to iTunes and when it does, I see no reason why you wouldn't want to purchase it or anything else Frank releases for that matter.

Frank Ocean - Thinkin' Bout Ya


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