Thursday, September 29, 2011

"Cause There'll Be No Sunlight, If I Lose You Baby"

Who better to antagonize and evoke teenage angst and unrepentant emotion than @brunomars. No big surprise that he was recruited along with his production crew The Smeezingtons to create the ideal ballad tol fit with the dark, melancholy backdrop of Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1. The movie will hit the big screens on November 18 and probably set some more records since the whole franchise has cornered the tween-30 year old demographic of women...and their boyfriends.

To be completely honest, I really enjoy the track and to be fair, Bruno's vocals were spot on. The audible ambiance that the instrumental provides is picturesque. From the piano lead in to the simple, rolling percussion and the whiny harmony at the end of the hook. It's just a great ballad all around and fits like a glove with the dark, somber Twilight theme. Good chance I'll be singing this one in my car alone very soon...#DontJudgeMe

Bruno Mars - It Will Rain (prod by The Smeezingtons)


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