Wednesday, September 14, 2011

"I Dream of Para-para-paradise"

When it comes to easy listening, harmonic, but subtly uplifting tracks, there is absolutely none better than @coldplay. Put it this way, they're one of those bands that prior to listening to a new single of thiers, I already know I'm going to post about it. They know how to singles because when they release them, it leaks via iTunes and you allow people to stream it. That's just how it works and when you've been blogging for a minute, you figure that out by either getting C&D'd or just be observant to your surroundings, get in where you fit in, like I've chosen to do.

I can't really explain it, but between the strings, rock solid backbone synth, and Chris Martin's velvety vocals, this track has that je ne sais quoi. In other words, it'd be unfortunate if you didn't add this to your iTunes collection if you haven't already decided to wait patiently for Mylo Xyloto to drop on October 24th.

Coldplay - Paradise


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