Monday, September 12, 2011

Bad Boy's New White Boy

Seems like every big record label needs a white boy these days. First it was Eminem, who blazed a trail for the likes of Asher Roth, Mac Miller and Yelawolf. Enter new Bad Boy/Interscope signee @machinegunkelly, a 21 year old from Shaker Heights (Cleveland) who makes a living with his rapid fire flow (hence the name). I'll let Sway fill in the rest of the details...

I can't hate one bit on the come up MGK has made from rapping in his basement, all the way to the bidding war that Diddy ended up winning. Which brings me to my next point, would Diddy not only invest, but outbid other prospective labels over just anyone? If the shoe fits, wear it (see Ciroc) and after one song, I'm listening. Shouts out to @jonathanrotem on the beat and @livvifranc on the hook on Warning Shot...#Duck

Machine Gun Kelly feat Livvi Franc - Warning Shot (prod by JR Rotem)


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