Sunday, September 18, 2011

Drake Goes in on a Lex Luger Beat

I know, I know, this remix is like a week old, but I didn't plan on this week being so chalked with big releases, so it got pushed back. Still, you know I wasn't about to let some new @drakkardnoir slip through the cracks without sharing it, especially because it marks the first time he's been able to get on a @SmokedOutLuger beat. What you expect is what you get from any @WakaFlockaBSM track, so if you're hoping for substance, then you clearly don't enjoy frequenting strip clubs where all of his music is played. In other words, even though 99% of the music I listen to has substance, it's impossible for me to follow my better judgment and instincts to ignore Waka's tracks because Lex Luger's beats are my kryptonite (see what I did there superman?) Good got I'm a nerd...

Not the usual delivery from Drizzy on his verse either, which is interesting. The change up of flow makes him sound kinda subdued, but it fits in with the company he keeps on the track. So much booty bass on this one that I damn near slapped on the 808 check label on this one, but that's sorta like saying a zebra has stripes when you're dealing with a Luger beat. More of a novelty remix, but well worth a listen...

Wacka Flocka feat Drake - Round of Applause (Remix)(prod by Lex Luger)


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