Wednesday, September 21, 2011

"Girl What You Grabbin' Cash For, All You Need is Your Passport"

Real smooth jam from @Wale off his upcoming album Ambition, due out November 1st. On this track, @rickyrozay officially patented his increasingly noticeable ad-lib "hurrrumph" grunt. Usually it was once or twice a verse, but we're talking like every other bar dude is grunting nowadays. Must be catching on considering how many features and other noteworthy artists who are trying to do albums with him lately.

The biggest takeaway in my eyes is hearing Wale return to his style that I really liked on his first album. No more pointless, gratuitous Mayback Music tracks (yea I heard the beginning of the track). I'm convinced he was out to experiment and appease his new crew when he took that turn for the worse the past couple months. Either way between the track below, Bad Girls Club, Bait and yet to be heard tracks with Cudi and Big Sean, I'm starting to get geniunely excited for his second album.

Shouts out to @kevincossom on the hook too. It's about damn time other artists started valuing his abilities and giving him features. Between Ambition and Take Care, I should be set the next month for new music. Lots to be excited about, including this melee of awesomeness I'll be taking part in this weekend...

Wale feat Rick Ross & Kevin Cossom - Best Night Ever (prod by Beat Billionaire)(No DJ)


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