Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"I Predict an Earthquake Up in Here"

For those of you not up on British Hip Hop, you may not be familiar with @Labrinthda1st. He was the writer and producer of @TINIETEMPAH's debut single Pass Out, which was a big springboard for his now blossoming International notoriety. While you and I may have slept on Labrinth's talent, Simon Cowell didn't when he made him the first non-talent show signing of Syco records.

Now it's looking like a solo album titled Furtherworks is in the works and the original version of Earthquake (below) will serve as the lead single. Strangely, you can pre-order the single and wait for a month until October 24th, which doesn't really jive with the rapid dissemination of music these days. I can respect an artist trying to make a splash on the solo scene, though, so I'm instead going to post the more upbeat, dance version of the single produced by none other than @bennybenassi. I'm usually a bigger fan of the dance remix, but in all honestly both versions are well worth a listen and the one you like best will probably depend how hype of a mood you're in.

I'm adding this to the growing proof that British Hip Hop deserves more love than it's currently getting. One or two more Tinies or Dizzee Rascals and that may be the tipping point that leads to American legitimacy. Time will tell...

Labrinth Ft. Tinie Tempah - Earthquake (Benny Benassi Remix)
|Cop Original


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