Thursday, September 15, 2011

"I Got a Hublot I Call it Tebow, I Strap That B**ch With a Gator Band"

"No more Mr Nice guy, hello Mr Nice watch”
When giving a once over at @JColeNC's upcoming albums' tracklist, I'm pretty sure everyone had the track below circled. It's not everyday you get a @s_c_ collabo on your album, but when he's writing your checks, it's in his best interests to throw in a hot 16. What I really like about the track is the fast paced, drum/bass, almost dubstep feel to the beat, done by none other than Cole himself. Can't harp on how much credit he deserves for producing his own stuff man, other than Kanye, name me another artist that is as talented on the mic and still gets it done behind the boards.

Two more weeks til Cole World: The Sideline Story drops on September 27th. Got a couple noteworthy tracks so far that have leaked, but I've got a vested interest in hearing it in it's entirety because great albums make their name with the non-single tracks. Man I really hope it lives up to the hype...

J. Cole feat Jay-Z - Mr. Nice Watch (prod by J. Cole)


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