Thursday, September 08, 2011

"It's 5 O' Clock in the Morning, Conversation Got Boring"

Not everyday you hear a proper English accent on an auto-tune heavy @TPAIN track. Thanks to the hook provided by @MrsLRCooper, I'm left feelin' like this track is pretty dope. It's got a real chill vibe to it and I'm giving a lot of the credit to Teddy Pain for evolving his style that was getting a little bit tired with his non-stop mix of auto-tune and in your face club tracks. Rarely do we a heartfelt ballad about sitting up waiting for the object of your affection.

This is probably going to serve as the lead single to his upcoming album RevolveR, which is slated to come out sometime by the end of 2011. Shouts out @RealWizKhalifa on the mini-verse at the end with the iPhone shout if the girl would be out her damn mind for charging her Droid...smh. I'm playin'! I've got an iPhone and was more than a little elated today when this hit the iTunes store today. Forgive me in advance for mobile blogging y'all...#boutTimeGoogle

T-Pain feat Lily Allen & Wiz Khalifa - 5 O'Clock


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