Wednesday, August 31, 2011

David Guetta Knows His ABCs

In case you've been sleeping in a cave or are too lame to care, @davidguetta just released an album yesterday titled Nothing But the Beat. You've heard the high profile singles, Where Them Girls At and Little Bad Girl, but it's my job to dig deeper to find the hidden gems like the one below, Alphabeat. You'll find the track below leading off disc 2 (the electronic disc) with an absolute elctro/rock/house BANG!

From the peaceful piano lead, DG lures you in, as if to tempt you to wonder how in the hell the song is going to turn into a club track. That's when the pace of the piano picks up before sharply giving way to a driving synth guitar riff that will force your eyelids backward. From there, Guetta shows off a bit with a cascading array of electronic samples that continue the riff in different pitches. If you were wondering why he's regarded as one of the best house producers, consider this as the newest exhibit A. Oh an add to it, his collaborations with Afrojack and Aviici on the electronic disc and the mention of the word classic isn't so far fetched.

Seriously, do yourself a favor and cop this album. Whether you use it as cardio music, a party starter or just something that will make you get up and dance, it does the trick and then some.

David Guetta - The Alphabeat


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