Wednesday, August 03, 2011

"Oh...Sometimes...I Gotta Get a Good Feeling"

On first listen of @official_flo's new single Good Feelin, I had two thoughts. The first was, this track has @davidguetta all over it, with the euro-club vibe on the beat. Second, that sounds like @Jeremih on the hook? Doesn't it? At least the beginning does, not sure about the high note at the end of the sample.

Turns out I was dead wrong on the Jeremih guess and Etta James is source of the soulful vocals on the track. The beat on the other hand is a little more contentious...or will turn contentious soon. As the story goes and the internet churns with rumors, the track below was marked as being produced by up and coming Swedish DJ @avicii. Yea, that same DJ I wrote about because he got a jack moved pulled on him by Leona Lewis who took his instrumental and ran with it #1 single style. His Facebook post below should sum up how he feels about the false collabo...
Eaaaaaasssyyy Aviiiiici! Shots fired across the bow! But, wait a second...NFW! Did he get beat-jacked AGAIN? The YouTube video below could be the reason why he's ackin' all high siddity.
Yup, that my friends is the second jack move this summer and sadly, all indications are pointing toward both being Top 10 singles. I'm sure this type of "sharing" and "sampling" happens all the time, but not on this scale where big record companies are blatantly stealing other DJ's beats and turning them into lead singles.

We'll see what happens with the litigation, but out of all this, I've gotten a chance to respect the work that Avicii is capable of. My advice would be ride the same wave that David Guetta, Benni Benassi and Afrojack have and embrace your growing world wide appeal. Judging by your FB reply above, it sounds like you're going to try and go with the "keepin it real" route by shunning that terrible American Hip Hop genre since that would be selling out. My answer to that...have fun making your thousands of kronas (currently 1/6 as valued as the US dollar), while leaving on the table potential millions by continuing to market yourself as an underground DJ. If you want to make the top 30 like the DJs mentioned above, you're gonna need to widen your fan base to America dude.

(Climbsdown off the high horse)...Aaaannyways, the track below will presumably land on Flo's sequel to Only One Flo (Part 1), wait for it...Only One Flo (Part 2). Yea you got it, not once, but twice we get a reminder that there can be only one! #HighlanderStyle. We'll see how much $$$ it will take to clear the sample from Avicii's grasp, but something tells me that when big money talks, even the most stubborn European DJs will listen...

Flo-Rida - Good Feelin


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