Sunday, August 28, 2011

Converse Invented the Morgue Dance Party

Yea I saw this one coming. Hah! Talk about predictable! Gonna have to be more original Converse, collaboration blending together the similar styles of @mattandkim, @ANDREWWK and @souljaboy is something that happens daily...especially with the whole morgue dance party theme on the video, totally played out! that I've got all the sarcasm out, seriously *WTF* is this track? This type of weird, genre blending music is almost too audacious, like a kid trying to fit in with everyone by incorporating bits of style from all the different cliques at school. I can't even hate on the finished product, I actually kinda like it. 98% of the reason for that is because Matt and Kim kick so much ass it's unbelievable, but that makes me think, what if they would have done this track by themselves without the completely out-of-left-field verses from two completely different walks of musical life? Yea, I'm afraid I probably would have liked it more had they gone solo, but now I'm left with this awful feeling like I have to reverse my lack of respect for Soulja Boy because he's done a track with Matt & Kim. #ThanksConverse

Oh well, such is life when something completely unexpected comes along, what can ya do? Well, I'm gonna continue listening to this strange creature of a track and continue wondering who in the hell was in charge of making Soulja Boy look like a zombie. #Fail

Matt & Kim feat Andrew W.K. & Soulja Boy - I'm a Goner


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