Monday, August 29, 2011

"Mirror on the Wall, Here We Are Again"

You may be wondering just who in hell is pictured above with @BrunoMars. Far left is @philsmeeze (Phillip Lawrence), in the middle is @arilevine (Ari Levine) and of course Bruno rounds out the trio known as the Grammy Award winning production/writing team, The Smeezingtons. Yea, you've heard stuff by them and may not have known it like Cee-Lo's - F*ck You, Flo Rida - Right Round, Travie's - Billionaire, B.O.B.'s - Nothin on You, Bad Meets Evil's - Lighters and oh by the way all of Bruno's hits, Grenade, Just the Way You Are and Lazy Song. Saying they produce top notch, iTunes dominating hits is like saying Jigga and Beyonce's first child is going to be privileged.

Coincidentally, the track below, which is one of those really well placed deluxe, make you pay a couple extra bucks for one of the best songs on the album type of tracks. You'll find it on The Carter IV, which just hit iTunes today matter of fact. On the track you can expect a Pure Moods style instrumental with heartfelt, introspective verses from @liltunchi that show the deep, mature side of his music. As usual, Bruno brings his ever so melodic vocals on the hook that blends seamlessly with the harmonic tones and serious lyrics.

You were already gonna cop Carter IV, but you didn't know it would come with a track this deep. Don't hate, be pleasantly surprised like I was...

Lil Wayne feat Bruno Mars - Mirror (prod by The Smeezingtons)


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