Sunday, August 14, 2011

Proof That 808s Belong in the Kitchen

Seeing that @asherroth and @thecoolkids both represent a similar organic, old school Hip Hop sound, it's not a huge surprise to see that they're starting to collaborate more often. They've performed live a couple times together at SXSW, but it seems like their worlds have only collided on a few occasions in the form of surprise cameos at concerts and a features here or there.

That might change soon, evidenced by the video below of The Cool Kids performing in Asher Roth's hometown of West Chester, PA at The Note. What's most notable is that they didn't just perform Roll Call off When Fish Ride Bicycles, they also debuted the track below, In the Kitchen. Sofa king forward to the 5:21 mark for the new track...

Anybody else feel like @chuckisdope is one of the most slept on producers out right now? I feel like a lot of the beats Kanye puts out have that same heavy, old school, 808 feel that Chuck brings on damn near every beat. Maybe it'll be a Wiz Khalifa style come up where the fourth or fifth album is where he starts makin' waves? Even if that day never comes, you'll never have to go any further than this blog to heard any and every dope beat he puts out.

Keep an eye out for those Cool Kids/Asher Roth tour dates to be announced too. I've seen Asher in concert and am pumped that he's from near Philly, so the liklihood of him dragging The Cool Kids out east is highly probably. Still not sure how I missed the West Chester show, but you better believe it's not gonna happen again. As far as the song below, don't half step, play the damn track with some sort of's got the 808 Check stamp of approval, don't feed this Mercedes of a track that 87 octane...#StopTrippin

Asher Roth - In the Kitchen (prod by Chuck Inglish)


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