Monday, August 01, 2011

"Tip Scales With Her Waistline, Sex With the Bassline"

You'd think the most exciting element of the new track from @thegame below would be the @drdre feature and assumed footnote on the production credits. NOT SO FAST! (#CorsoVoice) Turns out the track is produced by the always on point @IMadeItInc, who has never been given the dap he deserves for the masterpieces of beats he has created.

I'm telling you all this because captain obvious says it's not hard at all to sell a new track with Game, Snoop and Dre. Now I'm not about to say this is anywhere as dope as Higher, but if it makes the final tracklisting of The Red Album, we'd all be better off. The only thing missing on this track is a Nate Doog feature, but all dogs go to heaven, so they had to try and artificially create his sound? Anybody else think they tried to summon the essence of Nate D Oh Double on the hook? Sounded like it to me...

This is a great example of grown up gangster rap, where it's still over the top and in your face lyrically with all the elicit references, but in a real subdued way compared to say...ten or fifteen years ago. Artists evolve and with it, trends and movements evolve other words, these are three of the best and they rarely get together on a track, so don't let it escape your library. 

Red Album due out in three weeks on Aug 24th...

The Game feat Snoop Dogg & Dr Dre - Drug Test (prod by DJ Khalil)


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