Monday, August 15, 2011

"You Could Be My It Girl, You're My Biggest Hit Girl"

Chalk up another hit single for @jasonderulo with his new one It Girl. It's a solid follow up single to Don't Wanna Go Home and by my count, two top ten singles prior to his new album Future History, due out Sept 26th.

Unlike the first track, which was more at home in the club with the help of the classic
Show Me Love sample, this one is more of a triumphant, mid-tempo ballad. The whistle throughout the beat is creative and catchy when mixed with the acoustic backdrop. As usual, JD is on point with the vocals, hitting plenty of notes that us average-folk could only dream of hitting. Even better, the hook has an sing songy feel to it that urges the audience to sing along, which should do nothing but give it radio traction.

Interesting to note too, that hit-maker extraordinaire @jonathanrotem has yet to be publicized in the production credits for the first two singles. That's pretty cool because I'm sure Jaysawn didn't wanna always be seen as a cookie cutter element that is copied and pasted over his always top notch production. On that note, shouts out to @EmanuelKiriakou who did the beat on It Girl. For all you visual, picture book style learners out there, below is a newly released trailer of his soon to be released video for It Girl...

Future History...September 26th

Jason Derulo - It Girl (prod by Emanuel Kiriakou)


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