Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Weezy Chops Hov and B Down To Size

When it comes to Hip Hop royalty, generally there's a no-fly zone or heir of invincibility that protects the top dogs from any sort of disses or lyrical jabs. I'm not gonna include Kanye in that group because his temperament as an instigator is downright abrasive, so he attracts a lot of the hate that comes on him. I'm talking about the likes of Jay-Z, Eminem, Dr. Dre, Timbaland...the type of industry vets that have done so much work in the game that in some way shape or form, they've fed everyone they've touched and made very little enemies. Yea, I know this sort of thing has happened before and all remember the highly publicized Nas vs Jay-Z spat back in early 2000, but that never seemed to interest more than a lot of dedicated Hip Hop fans who knew the gravity of the situation.

What has the internet currently abuzz is @liltunchi's more than subtle jab at @s_c_ on one of his new Carter IV tracks It's Good. In general, I think everyone is overreacting and reading a little to heavily into the tea leaves, but I'm finding it interesting that Weezy had the audacity to give a "stay in your lane" shot across the bow at Forbes' top breadwinner of 2011. Sure, everyone is used to the braggadocio that goes along with making so damn much money you use $1 bills as Kleenex, but it sounds like Wayne got a little fed up with the extend Jigga went in bragging about his wealth, especially because it subtly going after Wayne's partner in crime/mentor Baby.

The original line Weezy was responding to was from Kanye & Jay's track H.A.M., which landed as a deluxe bonus track off Watch the Throne. The response came as more of a non-direct subliminal on Wayne's new track It's Over, lines below...
"I’m like really half a billi ni**a, really you got baby money, keep it real with ni**as, ni**as aint got my lady money.” - Jay-Z verse on H.A.M.
"Talkin’ bout baby money, I got ya baby money
Kidnap yo b**ch, get that how much you love yo lady money
I know you fake ni**a, press yo breaks ni**a"
I’ll take you out, that’s a date ni**a - Lil Wayne verse on It's Over
Yea I know shark week is over, but that line was like a stealth killer whale shot to a great white.

Suspected beef aside, @boi1da did his thing on the beat and I enjoyed a rare high profile verse from @therealkiss. Yea and about that feisty @drakkardnoir verse, damn man, did I hear a little anger mixed in there? We'll see if the whole pump your brakes subliminal is received with any response, but my guess is they'll hug it out and life will continue to go on as usual in Hip Hop because they've got too many mutual friends to actually beef. Time will tell...Carter IV drops on iTunes this Sunday, Aug 28th in case the leak hasn't come across your radar yet...

Lil Wayne feat Drake & Jadakiss - It's Good (prod by Boi-1da)


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