Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Keri Hilson and Kevin Cossom Are Both So Good

Ah yes the timeless question, Who Rocked it Better? Was it the writer who demo'd the track (@KEVINCOSSOM) or the artist who managed to put it on their album (@MISSKERIBABY)? Usually it's a cut and dried distinction because one of the artists knocked it out the park, while the other managed to make it their own, but still came up short.

This one is more like picking your favorite kid or for me, picking your burrito place. Usually it's Chipotle, but sometimes I can't help going to Baja Fresh because their salsa is so damn good. I've consistently been in both Keri and Kevin's corner (say that three times fast) and that's not just because they're both really talented, but they also rub shoulders with two of the best producers in the game @TIMBALAND and Danjahandz. While Keri is more known as an elite singer, Kevin is more known for writing and producing, but that doesn't mean he can't pull off his own ballad.

Case in point, his version of the song he wrote, So Good, produced by Danja and officially released as a deluxe bonus track on Keri's newest album, No Boys Allowed. It's really splitting hairs as to who did it better because every time I hear one version, I think it's the better one. You be the judge though, who rocked it the best?

Kevin Cossom - So Good (Solo Version) (prod by Danja)

Keri Hilson - So Good (prod by Danja)


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