Tuesday, August 09, 2011

"Coke on Her Black Skin Made a Stripe Like a Zebra, I Call That Jungle Fever"

Well...after one full lap through Watch the Throne, the cream rose to the top in the form of a wilderness sermon that kicked off the album with an absolute explosion. The rolling 808 thump and dull, repetitious guitar riff create an infectious backdrop that is characteristic of countless other @kanyewest beats. What you shouldn't overlook is the help that @eightyocho put in behind the scenes to help craft the sound and the well placed, on point hook that @frank_ocean delivered to send it home. I'm not a fan at all of @OFWGKTA, but I'm finding that I like so many new tracks that Frank Ocean is putting out, it's hard to hate on the group as a collective, solely because of him.

A whole lotta people are saying that Ye is killing Hov throughout the album on their verses, but it's not a fair comparison in my eyes. It's gotta be a little different for a producer who also raps because he has that extra investment in the track and vision of what it should sound like. I'll say this, Kanye is capable of dropping more audacious, shock value lines that will get more headline ink, but when it comes to being on point and telling a story through verses, it's hard to mess with @s_c_. It's like would you rather go with something like bacon ice cream over cookies and cream ice cream. Sure, bacon has the potential to really change your night and if you saw a headline you'd probably do a double take, but cookies and cream is always good no matter how you slice it and it'll always beat the plain flavors any day of the week. Yep, sometimes it's just easier to drive home a rapper comparison with an ice cream reference...#DamnIceCreamSoundsGood

Everyone is quick to judge and get their opinion out, but I'ma let it marinade a lil bit before forming an opinion. If you're looking for a quick standout and suggestion as far as where to start when exploring the album, don't even think about skipping track one because that...shit...is off the chain! #ThatsMyWord

Kanye West & Jay-Z feat Frank Ocean - No Church in the Wild (prod by Kanye West & 88 Keys)


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