Thursday, August 04, 2011

"If God Was One of Us, He’d Probly Drink Vodka"

"In this forest, I’m a lonely tree, my limbs are covered in tattoos and my roots, they run deep"
Ah yes the lead single off Radioactive from ya boy from Gadsden, @Yelawolf. No need to glamorize this one, it'll punch you square in the nose, kick you while you're down and spit in your face. It's been more than a minute that @LilJon has produced a high profile single, but he's back with his own brand of crunk rock.

Don't get too distracted by the raucous beat either cause Catfish Billy takes no prisoners with his ferociously out there verses. I'll even throw out a crazy comparison and say I haven't heard anyone with a delivery as grimy, but creative as Yelawolf since the likes of ODB (#RIP). I'll let that maronate a lil bit...September 27th, circle that on your calendar...#Radioactive
Yealwolf - Hard White in the Club (prod by Lil Jon)


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