Thursday, August 11, 2011

"Why You Gotta Be So Cruel?"

Even though my bread and butter is Hip Hop, R&B and lately,to a greater extent anything Electronic/Dance, I'd still have a void in my music arsenal without the likes of @marcbroussard. Ever since he released his first two albums, Momentary Setback and Carencro I've always really enjoyed his unique blend of soulful bluesy rock. I swear the first time I saw him in concert he looked absolutely nothing like what I thought based on his deep, bayou-soaked voice. I really enjoy the fact the he has the ability to create really positive, uplifting tracks like his staple Home, but also produce really thoughtful ballads like Jeremiah's Prayer and Gavin's Song. Shoot, he even got me in touch with my inner James Taylor with his always on point rendition of Never Die Young than he seamlessly rolls into The Wanderer.

Even better, he's got a new album out with a lot of really good music on it. First came his two lead singles Lucky and Only Everything, which were two great choices for singles. As an aside, I couldn't help but post his acoustic version of the latter...
That right there is a great snippet of just how talented his is both with the guitar and harmony. That's the type of music that shines through outside of the studio when you go see him in concert.

Evidently two singles we're enough, because below is his new video for his third single off the album, Cruel. It's a very radio worthy track that exposes those ladies who do nothing but use and abuse men because they can. I've got two words for the video, TWINS!!!!
Now that you're hooked, feel free and cop that new self titled album on iTunes and support one of my favorite artists...#DontBeCruel

Marc Broussard - Cruel


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