Saturday, August 13, 2011

"I Tried to Pay Attention, But Attention Paid Me"

I mentioned the genesis of this track last night when I posted @liltunchi's studio video of him working in the studio on the track with @drakkardnoir. Now this is the heavyweight track I've been waiting for, with Weezy dotting his T's and crossing his I's on ever bar and Drake delivering a calm, but exciting hook.

The proverb worthy wordplay Weezy spits on damn near every line is exactly why he's on top of the game and currently ruling over Hip Hop like a King who understands what the new Hip Hop fan wants, and delivers it. The new school Hip Hop fan pays attention to ironic/metaphorically creative lyrics that make you think a little bit. In other words, everything he speaks on has a deeper meaning that makes you think. For example, "Karma is a bitch, Well just make sure that bitch is beautiful" or "I already know that life is deep but I still dig her" or "But I’m Ray Charles to the bullsh**". Nothing earth shattering about the vocabulary he uses, but he's presenting a fresh, new take on old proverbial phrases, which takes some creativity. Boom! Therein lies the appeal of why Drake, Weezy and Kanye continually set the bar higher with their lyrics.

Don't overlook that beat put together by @ProducerTMinus either, he did that. Also, word on the streets today is that this may not be the final version and that @rickyrozay is going to be featured on the final version here. Sorta apathetic about that decision, but after listening to the verse, Raaaawwwse did his part to fit in by elevating his game, I'll give him that. Still woulda liked to have heard a full verse from Drizzy Drake instead of just the hook. In a perfect world...

Carter IV...August 29th

Lil Wayne feat Drake - She Will (prod by T-Minus)


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