Wednesday, June 01, 2011

"I’m Sort of a Poor Sport, Nothing Short of Liu Kang"

I can't really get over how incredibly random the cover art is above. It really is a Mad Lib of visual creativity, allowing anyone to add their own caption to the animated statues (insert awkward caption regarding male genatalia and flying kids). Picture aside, @asherroth is back with what sounds like a top notch follow up single to G.R.I.N.D.. Speaking of which, that single was released a year ago, meaning it's been waaaay to long since we've gotten a studio album from Ash Roth. This heat rock is set to surface on the sophmore album that was previously titled Spaghetti Tree, but is now hiding behind the cover all TBA monicker. I'm in total agreement with @DDotOmen, it's sounding like certain record exec (cough cough @steverifkind) needs to raise up off Asher's new album rather than turning Hip Hop's promising future into an Odd Future (See what I did there? #Touche).

Even better, he's talking about making 12 records in 12 days with Skateboard P...#GTFOH!

Shouts out to @orenyoel on the production and @AKON for the characteristically catchy hook. Yea I'd say there's a damn good chance I'm gonna be making a few more Asher Roth posts in the upcoming months...#BetDat

Asher Roth feat Akon - Last Man Standing (prod by Oren Yoel)


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