Saturday, February 26, 2011

Kevin Cossom is a Name You Should Know

In a week, I'd consider myself fortunate to find one track produced by Danjahandz, Boi-1da and The Runners. They're three of the best producers in Hip Hop and R&B and when artist go to them for tracks, their sights are usually on a top 10 single on iTunes that will be the basis for why people will want to buy their album. I say all this because three tracks, all sung by @KEVINCOSSOM flashed across the radar. The one below prod by Danja gets top billing with the @boi1da produced demo Change Your Mind coming in a close second. And now that I listen to @therealrunners produced track My Love, I'm starting to have reservations about my rankings because that's a hot track too.

Oh and if you missed it last week, Kevin's new video with @iamdiddy @MYFABOLOUSLIFE made plenty of waves on MTV. Check the video below and iTunes for the track if you were late to the party...
I'm hoping some of the above mentioned tracks aren't all demo tracks and that he uses the to put together an epic debut album. No word on a release date, but we can all hope for 2011 being the year when Jive puts some backing behind one of the most talented up and coming R&B artists.

Kevin Cossum - On & On (prod by Danjahandz)


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