Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Buzz Track: Donnis - Me & My Boo

Yet another great track off @donnisxdonnis's debut Southern Lights. This all coming before his performance and video shoot for the Me & My Boo video in Hawaii. Looking forward to the video, especially the part where his credit card melts?

Til then, the mp3 will more than suffice as Donnis shows off a laid back, melodic side, mixing in a catchy hook over a simple, but bouncy beat delivered by @freeschoolmusic. Put it this way, shooting a video for Me & My Boo in Hawaii is perfect because it will match the calypso vibe the beat creates. I'm not sure y'all appreciate Donnis much quite yet, but that time is coming. Feel like it's my job to keep posting his continually dope tracks until he catches on and posting videos like the one below with him in studio goin' in on his previous track I posted, Blackberry Molasses.
Dude's got talent, the swagger of a veteran and to top it off, even served in the armed forces, holdin' down the Air Force in Japan for a few years. Are you still worried he's not gonna put in the hard work to become one of the best? Yea that's what I thought! (T.I. voice). Give it a listen and please add his debut album to the likes of J Cole and Wiz Khalifa's because he's got just as much goin' for him musically right now...

Donnis - Me & My Boo (prod by Free School)


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