Sunday, February 20, 2011

"It's Like These People Are Steps Now, All They Do is Stare"

In case you (for some strange reason) didn't think @Eminem deserved to win best Hip Hop album at the Grammys this week, give a listen to the track below Fly Away. I say it like that because the track didn't make the cut for his award winning album Recovery. Tell me any other Hip Hop album would have not been better with the addition of a @justblaze produced track like the one below. I'd even argue, it woulda fit perfectly as a single for Eminem because it fits the mold of damn near every single he's put out, with the "rising above life's problems and persevering message" being the driving force of emotion for the track.

Big fan of the slightly auto-tune aided hook that the Megatron Don brought to the track too. The uplifting march of the beat is aligns with the sound Eminem has copyrighted over the years. The sound allows his abrasive, full of energy, emotional delivery to come across as genuine and inspirational. That's why he's one of the best and if you're gonna continue to hate, plain and simply...
"Homie you got it backwards, your dippin your soup inside ya crackers"
As a bonus, check out a few of the pics found over at Nah Right for his new video Space Bound. Making an appearance in the video is the beautiful @sashagrey. Love that track, I always thought it was overlooked, until I saw the rumors about it being a single. Guess it's not as underrated or unappreciated as I thought...
Eminem - Fly Away (prod by Just Blaze)


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