Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"Aero Dynamic, Roof Panoramic, My Credit Score Let the Dealer Take Full Advantage"

New track off @PUSHA_T's upcoming mixtape Fear of God, which was slated for a September 2010 release, but was pushed waaay back to early '11. As a team, Pusha and @malice757 made up a fearsome duo that made a lot of great music as the Clipse. When it comes to going solo though, it's clear why Kanye scooped up Pusha to join G.O.O.D. Music. If you need any evidence, give another listen to King Push's verse on Kanye's Runaway. (Honorable mention to his verse on Christian Dior Denim Flow)

Recent tracks aside, his new track My God, featuring the production from @hitboy_SC makes a clear statement that his new solo material is not to be slept on. Sure it's one thing to get a few high profile features (like I mentioned above), but to do it on your own, with your sound that mixes dope beats from up and coming producers to go along with you're already renowned's like making a jump from Double A to the bigs. Who lotta people can make it to Double A off a couple breaks, knowing people and some talent, but not everyone can hit that 98 mph fastball like Pusha. Literally no gimmicks or candy coated hooks on this one, just bar after bar over a back and forth beat with hint of organ throughout. Oh yea and lots and lots of talk about that white girl...

I say Amen! to all the top notch acts like@kanyewest and @eminem deciding this year to sign a whole bunch of under appreciated, undersold, legitimately underrated artists like your @PUSHA_T's, @bigsean's, @yelawolf's and @DaRealSlaughter's. I caution though, we saw what happened when a whole lotta great talent came together under one roof, lots of mixed results so far. Hopefully, Hip Hop isn't the same and my comparison will turn out to be apples to oranges. We'll see, but for now you should be excited about the prospects of Pusha T putting out a full length anything, whether that be a mixtape or a studio album. Oh yea and do yourself a favor and cop anything coming outta the @SurfClubMusic right now from the likes of @chasencashe or @hitboy_SC, everything I'm hearing from that camp screams BUY! for 2011...

Pusha T - My God (prod by Hit Boy)


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