Wednesday, February 09, 2011

"I'm Sick as Tyson in the Ring at the Colosseum With Gonorrhea"

For starters, I woulda paid a pretty penny to be at spectator at the Highline Ballroom last night in NYC, where @DaRealSlaughter struck a match and lit the house on fire. Plenty of media like the pic above from this source, as well as this one. Hearing reactions like the one below from @JoeBudden didn't make me feel any better...
Anecdotal video evidence would suggest there was some truth to what Joe said, especially with the other cameos from @realdjpremier, @bunbtrillog, @lloydbanks and @pharoahemonch...
S/O to Dallas Penn on the footage, that's a good look. To put things in perspective, Slaughterhouse to me represents a futuristic version of what Hip Hop started out as. Relatively simple, but high energy beats that are nothing more than an empty canvas to spit equally high energy lyrics that make you think and hang on to each line in an attempt to catch up to each lyricists train of thought.

Truth be told Slaughterhouse has been a ticking time bomb of lyrical talent that hardly needs a catalyst for the group to achieve Hip Hip supremacy. When I say catalyst, I mean a big for example getting signed by Shady Records. Getting that type of break is like someone saying a wealthy man winning the lottery and becoming a billionaire. Dude already had stacks, bout Verne Troyer high, without winning the lottery, but now he's ungodly rich, kinda like Slaughterhouse right now. They just got the keys to the castle with Eminem and Dre now being able to give their two cents in helping their already ascending career that has been more about blazing their own new trail rather than signing their lives over to a record company and taking the path most traveled. @techn9ne has proven over time that Indie Hip Hop has a dedicated following and the more the Indie-ness is being pushed into the limelight of pop culture with stuff like this to go along with Shady investing in Slaughterhouse and Yelawolf, the less different it sounds and the more it will end up shaping the genre of Hip Hop.

Yea I guess you could say I'm excited...and you should be too when you hear tracks like the one below produced by @mrporter2012. Y'all should now know that "You get more for your money when you f*** with Mr. Porter"....#ClassicSlaughter

Slaughterhouse - Sun Doobie (prod by Mr. Porter)


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