Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Winter's Almost Over, But You Still Gotta Bundle Up

Wow...didn't see this one comin', but I'd liken it to finding a layin' $100 on the sidewalk with no one in sight to claim it. Just when you thought @chuckisdope & @SirMichaelRocks were always gonna be that underground rap group that everyone silently admired for for their Old Spice fresh style that set trends rather than following them, they all the sudden pop up (pun intended) on the Mountain Dew branded Green Label Sound with a ferocious new single. True to their style, the dumbed down, signature 808 bass dominates over a sick rolling synth. Simply put this track is disgusting, it goes hard in a real subtle, old school way, which is something the @coolxkids have become known for over the years.

It's cool too that through all the record label bullshit they've went through, they finally copped a record deal that would make most Hip Hop artists jealous as hell. I say that because “Mountain Dew is waiving the usual label share of the revenue, leaving all income, minus iTunes processing fees, to the artists” (Source). In an interesting symbiotic relationship, the Pepsi owned brand is more or less waiving their profit off The Cool Kids debut album When Fish Ride Bicycles in exchange for being able to use The Cool Kids to promote their products. Regardless of whether or not Green Label Sound will be able to market music as well as soda, it's still part of an interesting trend the music industry is going through, swaying some of the power back to the artists as they now have more options than the used to have. The music sells itself and with a little promotion from a company with limitless re$ource$, it's looking like the perfect storm for Chuck and Mikey. Time will tell, but you've got the green light to be more than excited about lots of new music coming from the Chi-town trendsetters...

When Fish Ride Bicycles, due out next month, that's #22bitches...
The Cool Kids - Bundle Up


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