Thursday, February 24, 2011

Can Love Come Out of Lust?

Since Timbaland Thursdays took a break this week, I felt like going outside the box for tonight's post. On the low, I've been a fan of Lykke Li for a minute now. To say she's different is apropos, but doesn't quite do justice to the music she's capable of creating. I say that because she's got an intriguing voice and when combined with her electronic samples that blend with the percussion to create an almost tribal sound to her's real easy for me to appreciate the uniqueness of her sound. As a sample, check out her new video for her first single off Wounded Rhymes, I Follow Rivers...
Oh and in case you missed it, Spin Magazine gave her new album Wounded Rhymes an 8/10 with a description, "Ms. Freeze: Steely vamp turns heartbreak into a chilling spectacle". The praise laden review should attract plenty of people to iTunes when it lands there on March 1st.

What you can expect from the track below (her best song to date in my eyes) is a Pure Moods-esque ballad that will have you trying to understand what the hell she's trying to say. When you finally wrap your brain around it, you'll appreciate the positivity it emanates, imploring anyone listening to love freely and dance often...
"We will live longer than I will
 We will be better than I was
 We can cross rivers with our will
 We can do better than I can
 So dance while you can
 Dance cause you must
 Love out of lust
 Dance while you can"
Anybody else feel like they're listening to Pocohontas with those flutes in the background? Whatever it is, it's beautiful and @lykkeliofficial has the vocals to shine all over it. Put it this way, Lykke Li is to M.I.A. is what Katie Perry is to Ke$sha, a little less batshit crazy and subsequently less in your face and more artistic. To each their own, but I'm digging her style like a swagger jacker with a shovel. Don't sleep on her album folks, she's the real deal...

Lykke Li - Love Out of Lust

Bonus: Feel free to stream her album below from SoundCloud thanks to Hype Machine...


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