Tuesday, February 08, 2011

"Blackberry Molasses...One of the Things That Never Change"

Put it like this, in my starting five of the hottest Hip Hop artists out, you've got @drakkardnoir, @WIZARDCUD, @bobatl, @JColeNC, and the latest addition, @realwizkhalifa. When any of those five release a track, mixtape, freestyle, shoot even a demo track, people make a point to listen because there's an expectation of quality they've established through their recently released music. How does this tie into a new @donnisxdonnis track? Maaaaan you can't have a starting five without a sixth man! In other words, I'm looking for big things from dude coming off the bench this year and that'll all begin with his new mixtape Southern Lights.

In fact if you're like me, you've proactively sought out the chance to see what he's got in concert on the Sgt Schlepper's Who Needs Hearts Club Band Tour with @traviemccoy. Now, with Blackberry Molasses, I have another track to add to the setlist wish list as Donnis takes a turn for the soulful on his new track. With rib cage rattling bass we've come to expect from Goodie Mobb and Outkast via the ATL based Organized Noize, the slow, steady 808 bass thumps through the speakers to provide a the heavy backbone for the soul resonating from the choir delivered hook. Sidebar: Hip Hop needs a Dungeon Family comeback collectively, especially now that @theladykilla is a household name with his latest solo project and we've been waiting on that new album from Andre 3000 and Big Boi for like 8 years now (Idlewild was more of a Soundtrack).

Be sure to take notice of @the_real_crada on the beat too, he's starting to pile up a nice portfolio of work. In case you missed it, he was in on Drake & Alicia's - Fireworks, as well as B.O.B. & Lupe's - Past My Shades. In 2010, we saw Hip Hop become even more worldwide with producers like Crada (from Germany) and Stargate (from Norway) producing top notch Hip Hop tracks. Pretty cool to see the world catching on to the genre of music that has become the driving force for pop culture...

Donnis - Blackberry Molasses (prod by Crada & Organized Noize)


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