Saturday, February 12, 2011

"For You I'll Jump Off Noah's Ark, Love is Blind and Hope is Dark"

While Carter 4 is still in the oven and probably gonna take more time than a baked potato to cook fully, @liltunechi is back on his grind of hoppin' on any and every hit song imaginable. Last week it was Green and Yellow, this week he adds an intro verse on @brunomars's hit Grenade. Gotta love it when Weezy gets all poetic...
And I don’t mind when we fall out
As long as we fall back into it
I hope we never put an end to it
Even though you not that into it
Heaven, have you ever been to it
Cause you look like you never been
You’re more like a Hell’s angel
And for you, I’d rather sin
Broken heart, Love you with a broken heart
For you I’ll jump off Noah’s Ark
Love is blind and hope is dark
But why does pain feel so good
Love is science, live for you
Die for you, and I’ll die smiling
Bruno Mars feat Lil Wayne - Grenade (remix)

As a bonus I ran into an equally great Passion Pit remix of Bruno's hit. It's a lot more rhythmic and electronic...basically what you'd expect from @PASSIONPIT....

Bruno Mars - Grenade (Passion Pit remix)


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