Friday, February 11, 2011

"I Represent tha State of Texas, Everythang is Slow"

I'll be the first to admit, if you were to meet me in person and were strictly judging me on first impression, you wouldn't be like "Man he looks like someone who would love Hip Hop." I'm fully aware that I don't fit the stereotype, but I don't really give a shit because Hip Hop has always been a type of music I've been able to relate to and draw inspiration from. It's the reason I'm writing down what I'm thinking right now and sharing with you tracks that move me and provoke me to pen my thoughts so that maybe you'll feel the same way when you hear it.

Like, for example, the track below, where @TRAEABN gave me a not so subtle reminder of how I became such an avid listener (big difference from being a fan) of Hip Hop. There's somethin' about the slow, loud, heavy, screwed up sound of Texas Hip Hop that has always appealed to me. Robert Davis has always been, in my eyes, the king of the south, producing a sound unlike anything Hip Hop had previously heard. It S.U.C.s that the best artists that have come out of Texas fell in love with the Texas Tea, which capped their career potential and influence of the Texas Hip hop movement at the knees.

Luckily, we have holdovers from the Screw era to carry the torch on like Trae tha Truth and Fat Pat on tracks like Texas. The track is off of Trae's new mixtape he dropped last Thursday titled 48 Hours, which is a compilation of mostly new freestyles from Frazier. The screwed sample, mixed with slow bass and raspy delivery of Trae, make for a picture perfect ode to the biggest, slowest Hip Hop state of the union. The track represents so fully the essence of what Texas Hip Hop should sound like, I'm feelin' like it's worthy of bein' thrown on a Best of Texas mix. You better believe this will be the first song I'm playin' once the snow melts and I'm able to subject anyone within earshot to some secondhand rap...#BeatsInTheDeck
"I'm from Texas where we still poppin' in the grey cassette and turn up the f***in deck until we causin' a wreck"
Trae feat Fat Pat - Texas


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