Friday, February 25, 2011

Videos of the Week

Eventful week with plenty of entertaining videos, like the short film video from @drdre of his new single I Need a Doctor. Seems like between this one and all of Kanye's latest films (with a bit of music in between) are continuing a trend of creating a deep, engaging plot. Can't hate on the value added drama on the storylines or the blatant product placement from the likes of Ferrari, HP and Gatorade...#ShamelessButLucrative.

Appreciated the tribute to the late Eric Wright (Eazy E) with him visiting his grave site at the end of the video with plenty of N.W.A. clips scattered throughout...

We also got a @liltunechi cameo on the remix of @mikeposner's formerly underrated Bow Chicka Wow Wow track...

Finally, do you remember that movie that came out last year? Somethin' about a Vegas trip and bachelor party? Yea, the Wolfpack is back this Memorial Day with The Hangover 2 in Thailand with Stu getting married this time. Can it top the first? HELL NO! The sequel is never as surprising or good, but does it have the potential to be hilarious like the first?...#UBetchaSweetAssItDoes


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