Monday, February 07, 2011

WRIB: Wiz Khalifa - On My Level vs Tank - When it All Goes Down

Who Rocked It Better?
What's great about Jim Jonsin is that he doesn't necessarily look like what you'd expect from a producer who makes beats primarily for Hip Hop & R&B. From the signature top hat, to his affinity for racing cars, to his lumberjack-esque goatee, it's safe to say he's the new school Rick Rubin when it comes to passing the look test. Appearances aside, @iamjimjonsin makes some damn good that artists covet and move charts like @liltunchi's Lollipop that caused his career to skyrocket.

On the topic of beats, there is a whole lotta behind the scenes demo-ing that the general populace is not privy to. Demo versions aside, it can be survival of the fittest when a new hot beat is offered up to two artists, like below when @TheRealTank went the R&B route, only for the beat to be flipped into a presumed album track, potential single by @realwizkhalifa & @tooshort. The beat is flexible in that it can be harmonized over and still fit, but when it comes to the better version, it's hard to vote against a slowed down, bass laden beat that caters presidential style to the methodic flows of Short Dawg and Wiz. You be the judge, give 'em both a listen and check the new video for the Hip Hop version below...
Wiz Khalifa feat Too Short - On My Level (prod by Jim Jonsin)

Tank - When it All Goes Down (prod by Jim Jonsin)


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