Monday, February 21, 2011

"I Hope You Know That I'm For Real, My Love is Super Size, Ain't No Happy Meal"

Now this is a rare sight...a 21st century Hip Hop track advising safe sex. Before y'all get gangsta on @chiddybang like it's cool to Cromartie hoes, think twice before judging and instead, think back to that time where some woman you happened to smack bellies with called saying that time of the month has cum and gone without any noticeable change. GULP! You've been there and while more often than not it ends up working out (maybe that's being too optimistic), it's still takes you more than a few notches up in maturity real quick. #FamilyPlanning > #RecreationalBabyRoulette

Nonetheless, I'm a huge buyer of Drexel U's own Chiddy Bang and serious dap is in store for @train for their genre crossing collab. Maybe you can't easily discern that the soul from the track is coming from them, but it's well placed and a unique mash up of Contemporary and Indie talent. Indie to me is becoming riddled with artists that Contemporary radio fans haven't heard of yet. As a result, I'd say the term Indie lends to the connotative buzz that an artist is about to blow up. Ya know, the artist with the buzz that doesn't have a deal yet because a record exec hasn't thrown a bunch of money at him? Yet, he's still got a loyal underground following that almost assures future success (i.e. @realWizKhalifa). That's what Twitter has given artists, a chance to build an army of fans, which gives the people who care about numbers and hold the $$$ the ability to more accurately quantify and predict the success of someone they're about to place a huge bet on. (Which reminds me follow @gwdj...haha that was shameless)

It's a fun track and even if it's too bubble gum for you, you can't hate on the attempt to perpetuate the thought that protected sex isn't a bad thing. Track aside, took some balls to go against the grain, mad respect to these guys ------>Chiddy Bang...

Chiddy Bang feat Train - Baby Roulette


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