Sunday, February 13, 2011

Buzz Track: AON - Star Pham

With everyone who has produced or created a great song in the past year getting their dap on the Grammy's tonight, I feel like tonight is as good a night as any to post a track you haven't heard yet from the youngin' AON. Like any artist on the come up @aonmusik is doin' all he can to brand himself and blaze his own trail, determined that his talent and constant grind will someday make him a household name. And to be honest, with the consistently hot music he's been putting out of late, his time will come. Whether it be through high profile collaborations like his newest mixtape Young World Vol 1S hosted by @DJ_GREENLANTERN and featuring collaborations with @WALE (Hater Watch Me) and @iyazlive (My Girl, he's on the path to getting noticed, all he needs is a little exposure.

Shout outs to Steeze Records for puttin' him on too, behind every great new artist is a camp that believes in him and he's got that. Give it a listen y'all...

AON - Star Pham

Feel free to stream his new mixtape off datpiff sure to check his track Dolla From a Change, which is still in heavy circulation on my iPod playlists...


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