Friday, February 18, 2011

"Style Come With Excellence and Money Make Benevolence"

You could say being associated in any way to @realwizkhalifa is a great thing right now with Black and Yellow and Roll Up wrecking shop on iTunes. Still, I'd hesitate to attribute much of @MACMILLER's success to Wiz, even though they share the same Rostrum Records/High School/Taylor Gang affiliations. I say that because dude is starting to take flight on his own with tracks like the one below, Donald Trump, off his upcoming mixtape Best Day Ever, which drops on March 11th.

I'll say this, if you like Wiz Khalifa's style of rapping and his non-chalant, laid back flow, you're gonna feel the same way about Mac Miller. Both have and undeniable independence with the way they go about their business and you could say they both indulge in Kush on a daily basis, for medicinal purposes of course (HAH!). For real tho, both smoke a lotta weed man and although I'm not one to indulge myself, I'm fully in support of them continuing whatever habits they are currently doing as long as it results in me getting to hear more great music...#Selfish

Don't discount the production by @TheRealSap either, dude just signed with @coolanddre and if his beats are anything like the on you hear below on the track, there's plenty reason to get excited for what's to come. As a second sidebar, you may have missed Wiz and Mac releasing a boat load of tour dates this week. Below are the dates, you can count me in on all the PA shows...#CyaThere...

Mac Miller - Donald Trump (prod by Sap)


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