Thursday, September 02, 2010

Throwback Thurs: "Dear Summer I Know You Gon' Miss Me...

...For We've Been Together Like Nike Airs & Crisp Tees"

For being as timeless and nostalgic sounding as it ended up being, it's a cot damn shame that Jay-Z's Dear Summer got lost in the shuffle of @MEMPHISBLEEK's 534 album in 2005. The piano and vocal sample of a slightly sped up version of Weldon Irvine's track from 1979 titled Morning Sunrise set the tone for a throwback sort of feel on the sample. Check the original below:

It's fitting too that @justblaze, aka the Megatron Don, was behind the production of this track, going back 30 years for the sample. To me, marrying old sounds with new styles like the sound on the track below is a classy way to pay homage to the past. For me the best part of the track comes at the end where Jigga launches off on a grand finale, waxing poetic by penning a fitting close for his relationship with "Summer" in saying:
"Listen here summer baby, I just believe it's the right thing to do
I got a brand new bitch, corporate America
She showing me a lot of action right now
And I know you put me on my feet and all, but
I mean, it's time for me to grow
You gotta let me go baby, you gotta let me go

I'm done for now, so one for now
Possibly forever, we had fun together
But like all good things, we must come to an end
Please show the same love to my friends
Whether it's @s_c_ subtly pointing out the fact that he had 6 consecutive summers with hot singles or even jabbing @thegame as a "half-assed newcomer", it's clear he giving a farewell to being the king of the summer of 2005. In wishing all the other artists good luck and signing off in a way to devote more of his attention to his new bitch "corporate america", it was a poetic way to pass the torch.

To me, it's a great song to play at the end of Summer, serving as the backdrop for the memories and trips I've made the past three or so months. With college football starting tonight and Labor Day on the horizon, the breakup with Summer is drawing near in a very palpable way. The temps are even falling 20 degrees serving as a very clear reminder that long sleeves are on the horizon. I'm left thinking only three words...


Jay-Z - Dear Summer (prod by Just Blaze)
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