Tuesday, September 21, 2010

"My Chick Got a Coke Fetish...Cause She Runnin' Through Lines Like Jerome Bettis"

Interesting collaboration here with the two excommunicated members of G-Unit coming together on a highly anticipated track that will be on Young Buck's upcoming mixtape Back on My Buck S**t Vol 2 hosted by @djscream. I've never been a huge fan of G-Unit or much of anything @50CENT  has put out, but I'm not gonna knock the hustle, he has found a way to stay relevant every which way in turning himself into somewhat of an icon through Vitamin Water and various movies.

What's strange is that despite all the beef with The Game vs G-Unit and Young Buck vs G-Unit, there is hardly any mention of G-Unit on the track. Coming from two of the biggest rap beef artists in the game, it's surprising to me the topic isn't put on full blast by both of them uniting against their former group. Maybe they've moved on?? #YeaRight

With @thegame has one of the most highly anticipated albums coming out in the 4th quarter of 2010, one thing has become increasingly clear. He's found his post Dr Dre niche with tracks like Pushin' It, Better Days and Higher, which will all be featured on The R.E.D. Album. Basically you can't go wrong with @iamjimjonsin, IAMDRUMMA, @therealswizzz and @COOLANDDRE filling in for the good doctor on the production side. Don't discount @youngbuckmarley's verses either, in recent tracks he's been bringing that same flow that made him a lot of money on tracks like this one.

This seems like an unfinished version, but even unfinished, it's still noteworthy due to the circumstances surrounding the collaboration. Stay on the look out for Back on My Buck S**t Vol 2 and The R.E.D. Album and give the track a listen, it's more than a little heavy on the bottom...#DrummaBoy

Young Buck feat The Game - The Blues (prod by Drumma Boy)
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