Saturday, September 25, 2010

808 check: Hit Boy & Chase n Cashe - Ahh Sh**

Put it this way, just hearing this track prompted me to burn a bass mix to hear on the car speakers. Well worth it, as you have @hitboy_SC, a platinum producer for Eminem, Lil Wayne, Diddy, Snoop, etc teaming up with @chasencashe to form much of the team known as @surfclubmusic, which is more or less a conglomeration of great production talent mostly. You might have heard Drake shouting Chase n Cashe on 9 AM in Dallas:
"Yeah I try to tell them don’t judge me because you heard stuff
Chase N’ Cashe that’s my brother from the Surf Club"
 It may not be til now or even later because you're a huge skeptic, but there will be a time where you guys hear about and know about The Surf Club.

Check the video for the track below and feel free to press play below...

Hit Boy & Chase n Cash - Ahh Sh**


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