Monday, September 13, 2010

"Baby I Got a Plan, Runaway Fast as You Can"

A lot has happened in 24 hours with MTV's Video Music Awards giving us a quality helping of top notch performances, debut, drama and of (main) course a large meat dish flavored with some Gaga. Going into the VMAs I was most excited to see B.O.B.'s performance with Hayley Williams and Eminem's rendition of Love the Way You Lie with Rihanna. Truth be told, when you mix in a little Linkin Park, the performances were pretty hype (especially when EM turned around into the theater to finish Not Afraid).

As a sidebar, I was thoroughly entertained by @Ladygaga...sure her antics may get a little played out and you can only be so attention grabbing with the outfits, but the energy and emotion she brings every time she opens her mouth is admirable and consistently raw, which is cool. There truly is no stage too big for her, but I guess that's more of a byproduct of her being so out there and unapologetically independent. Anything that intense, in your face and audacious is easy to hate, but if you take her for what she's worth and don't take her antics too seriously, the energy she emantes is pretty epic. Maybe we were Born This Way...
But all the above was more or less a precursor to what turned out to be one hell of a grand finale. Yea I made sure and made a point to watch it when I heard Kanye was dropping a brand new track and I saw the trailer below providing an intro of what to expect...see below:

...what I didn't know is that he was bringing the MPC on stage to inject his own computerized add-libs throughout the track. That took the whole live debut experience to a whole nother level, especially when you throw in a Pusha T verse and surprisingly in your face lyrics..see performance and MP3 of live performance below...

Kanye West feat Pusha T - Runaway (Live from VMAs)
| Download

It must be Christmas all over again because thanks to Funk Flex, we now have the CDQ version of the track. It's as good as advertised and @pusha_T's verse is even better on the real track. It is every bit vintage @KanyeWest, with the depressing undertones and ego-driven lyrics that poke fun at himself, but expose much of what makes him the asshole he can be. I don't think anyone is in disagreement of that, but my god the music that he has the ability to create is awe-inspiring. There's no doubt Dark Twisted Fantasy has the potential to live up to and surpass previous albums'...check out the real version...
Kanye West feat Pusha T - Runaway (CDQ)
| Download


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